$55.00 inc. GST

Perfect for 1-2 people
Box contains:
– 1/4 baked cheesecake,
– 1/4 apple pie,
– 1× small poppyseed cake,
– 1/4 fresh fruits yoghurt crumble cake

All cakes are freshly baked so if you can’t eat them at once, they can be freezed up to 3 months.


Please have it in mind that FREE delivery is ONLY on 22/23.12.2023.

Pick up available only on 23/24.12

We are a small business and we’ll do everything to deliver our goods to your place right on scheduled time. Our delivery schedule is usually super tight so please let us know if you won’t be home when delivered and we’ll come up with a couple solutions.


For cake orders please contact us before ordering